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Custom Embroidery vs. Screen Printing: Which Is Better?

Posted by Triple Stitch on August 13, 2017


When you want to get an image or logo on apparel such as a shirt, hat or jacket, there are two major processes you'll want to consider: screen printing (i.e., silk screening) and custom embroidery. It's impossible to say one of these processes is better than the other without understanding your budget and the item you are looking to personalize.

Depending on the purpose of your custom apparel and budget, you'll want to learn the major differences between these two methods before deciding to bulk order any custom apparel. 

As Connecticut's leading supplier of custom promotional products, we have experience producing both embroidered pieces as well as screen printed items. Here are some of the key differences between screen printing and embroidery that you're going to want to know before making any decisions.

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Going Digital: How to Setup an Online Uniform Store

Posted by Triple Stitch on August 9, 2017


Running a business where your employees are required to wear uniforms sometimes leads to unnecessary hassle and frustration. You're constantly having to think about keeping your uniforms well stocked and manage employee orders. And of course, having all the right sizes! 

But while the world is going completely digital, why not consider making your uniform management program digital as well? 

With an online uniform store, you no longer have to stock uniforms, manage or maintain inventory. Sound a whole lot easier to you? Your uniform ordering process will become more streamlined and completely user managed. It's a win-win scenario. 

Learn more about Triple Stitch's online uniform program >> 

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How to Create Personalized Golf Balls for your Tournament

Posted by Triple Stitch on August 8, 2017


Looking to give away custom golf balls at your upcoming tournament? Personalized golf balls are a great way to make your tournament memorable so that golfers continue to come back year after year. It's a gift that any avid golfer will use in the future, and your tournament will stay top of mind year round!

At Triple Stitch, we've helped our fair share of clients order personalized golf balls for their golf tournaments. We're here to give you some of the top things you'll want to consider before you make your golf ball purchase so you can get the most for your promotional marketing dollars. 

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