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How to Land on the "Best Places to Work" List using Custom Apparel

Posted by Triple Stitch on December 15, 2017

How to Land on the "Best Places to Work" List using Custom Apparel


It's no secret that landing on the "Best Places to Work" list is really one of the greatest accomplishments for any company. It gives your company legitimacy and recognizes all the work you put in to establish such a great organizational culture. 

When it comes to getting on that list, every little bit helps. We've seen companies transform cultures by gifting their employees well-earned custom apparel that keeps them happy and engaged. 

Wondering how custom apparel can help you get once step closer to that award? Here are ways to gift apparel to your employees in the right way. 


Get your employees input

If you're ever thinking about getting your employees some custom branded clothes, try to get their input first before making any big decisions. 

Instead of surprising your employees with custom branded t shirts, jackets, or other apparel, ask what they actually want first! You'll be surprised how much their input means to them. 

While it takes away some of the mystery, it shows that you care and listen to what they really want. And it'll get them even more invested and excited about the gift.  


Make your employees feel special

It's easy after a bunch of back and forth emails with management to forget why you are gifting custom apparel in the first place. Don't forget - it's a gesture that is meant to make your employees feel valued and special. 

Focus less on the benefits that you'll gain for your business and try to take a more selfless approach with gifting that focuses on the employees' gain. 

For example, getting their input means you'll be gifting them with an item that they actually want and need. Just because it might be cost effective or you think they'll like it doesn't translate into an automatic win if you don't listen to what they actually want. 

Also consider getting their names stitched into the apparel. There's nothing that builds brand loyalty more than a really custom branded item, one that literally no one else will have. They'll be proud to wear it outside the office. 


Think of out-of-the-box ideas

Think past the traditional t shirt or polo shirt. There are so many cool custom branded items you can get your employees these days that'll really generate buzz and excitement in the office. 

From custom branded noise canceling headphones to socks with your brand's logo on it - the possibilities are endless! The cooler the gift, the more likely your employees are to share it on social media, only continuing to get the word out about your company as an awesome place to work. 


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Don't skimp on quality

Lastly, while the bottom line is important when making any HR related purchasing decision, try your best not to skimp on the quality of the apparel that you gift. The last thing you want is your efforts to fall flat by choosing the cheaper item and not spending a little more to get a high quality item that they'll really enjoy wearing. 

Make it brag-worthy!


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