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Top 10 Custom Branded Gifts For Your Clients This Holiday

Posted by Triple Stitch on October 30, 2017

Top 10 Custom Branded Gifts For Your Clients This Holiday


Now that the Holidays are quickly approaching, it's time to start thinking about how you will thank some of your top clients this year. Keep your brand top of mind by offering a universally appealing custom gift that they'll use all year round. 

This season, we have some brand new products that we're sure your customers will love - from wearable tech, to items they'll use at the beach and at home. Just add your logo and business name, and you'll have the perfect gift that'll really stand out. 


1) Fitbit Charge 2 Large

$149/each - Shop Now


custom branded Fitbit


You can't go wrong with a custom branded FitBit for your clients. Health tracking has become a very popular trend, and anyone would be happy to be gifted a top-of-the-line FitBit. You customers will get in the habit of wearing this daily to track their steps, distance traveled, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes. And with your brand logo front and center on the strap, you'll always remain top of mind. 


2) 6,000 mAh Round Power Bank

$27.90/each - Shop Now


custom branded power bank


With phones and other electronics being used more and more in our daily lives, carrying around a portable power bank is almost becoming a necessity. Gift your clients with one of these classy metallic power banks. Any tech-loving client will love this gift and soon won't be able to leave the house without it. 


3) iLuv Wireless Speaker with Amazon ALEXA 

$49.99/each - Shop Now


custom branded amazon alexa


The Amazon ALEXA is the perfect gift for any techie. This device will become your client's new favorite home companion. This custom branded ALEXA gift will allow your clients to get their questions answered, play music, control home automation products, and integrate with additional services. It also has a 360 degree speaker equipped with iLuv's jAura sound enhancement technology and can play music for three hours straight. 


4) RTIC Tumbler 40oz - Stainless Steel

$24.99/each - Shop Now


custom branded tumbler


Stainless steel tumblers are hot right now! The double wall vacuum allows drinks to keep cold or stay warm for longer. It's easy to clean and it stays dry on the outside (aka no sweating). The quality of this tumbler will impress your clients. It has a heavy duty lid seal that locks in the cold and even holds ice for up to 24 hours. Your clients will soon be keeping this tumbler on their desks every single day. 


5) Targus 17" Drifter II Laptop Backpack

$89.99/each - Shop Now


custom branded backpack


Everyone has a need for a great quality backpack, which makes this custom laptop backpack the perfect gifting item for your clients. The backpack is designed to fit laptops with up to 17" screens and has extremely thick padding on the back panels that is strategically placed to provide lumbar support for your back. It's a great gift for virtually anyone.  


6) Barista - 6 Piece Coffee Set

$13.95/each - Shop Now


custom branded coffee mugs


If you're looking for a great client gift at a fantastic price point, look no further than this 6 piece coffee set. It's an ideal gift set for tea or coffee lovers. Included in the bundle are two ceramic coffee mugs, two wooden coasters and ceramic spoons for mixing. 


7) Hamptons Sunset Wine Cooler

$44.20/each - Shop Now


custom branded wine case


Does your client enjoy a nice bottle of wine? Then they will be thrilled to receive this state of the art Thermal Shield insulated cooler to maintain wine at the perfect temperature on the way to any picnic or event. this top quality deluxe wine holder with glasses has everything they need to enjoy their wine outside the home with napkins, corkscrew and wine stopper included. This stylish gift will always impress. 


8) JBL E45BT Wireless On-Ear Headphones

$99.95/each - Shop Now

custom branded ear phones


Gift your clients this Holiday with these stylish custom headphones. The E45BT model is extremely versatile, featuring up to 16 hours of battery life, an innovative, stylish fabric headband and ergonomic on-ear design. 


9) Club Chair

$42.48/each - Shop Now


custom branded lounge chair



Who doesn't need a good quality lounge chair? Perfect for the beach, tailgating, or lounging outside, it's the ultimate branded gift to giveaway this Holiday season. This particular model is extra room, extra padded, extra sturdy, extra sharp and extra comfortable! Your clients will feel like VIPs instantly. 


10) High Sierra┬« Oversize Picnic Blanket

$24.98/each - Shop Now

custom branded picnic blanket

This oversized blanket is one of our favorite items this year for the Holiday season. It is the perfect picnic blanket and is made for the elements with water resistant durable ripstop and fleece interior. It also comes with a carrying wrap and handle. It's the ideal blanket that everyone needs, and a great way to make your clients happy. 


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