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4 Reasons You NEED To Send A Holiday Card To Your Clients Or Employees

Posted by Triple Stitch on November 14, 2017

 4 Reasons You NEED To Send A Holiday Card To Your Clients Or Employees


In a world of texts, emails and everything instant, technology has taken over our life and communication. Very rarely do you actually write anything down by hand. And even the traditional "thank you" card has been digitized!

Writing a personalized, hand written card is something that can sometimes be overlooked these days. But the impacts of making such a small gesture really can far outweigh the few minutes it takes to create one. 

At Triple Stitch, we always recommend taking the time to send each of your clients and/or employees a card during the Holidays. Here are some of the many reasons you should always remember to do this year after year...

1. Handwritten cards add a personal touch 

How many "Happy Holidays" emails do you think you'll get in your inbox this year? 10? 20? 100? There's no denying that the easiest and most efficient way to wish your employees or clients Happy Holidays this year is by sending a mass email.

4 Reasons You NEED To Send A Holiday Card To Your Clients Or Employees

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While this bulk emailing method may work for some, if you really want to make an impact, a handwritten card is one of the best ways to personalize your intention. 

Take the time to address the holiday card to your employee or client, and write a sentence or two that relates to your experience with them. The message will come across sincere, personal and will mean so much more to the receiver. 


2. Handwritten cards make the recipient feel appreciated and valued

Want your clients or employees to feel great about working with you? Send them a handwritten Holiday card this year. Writing these notes by hand shows that you were willing to take the time to sit down and personally wish them well this season. 

4 Reasons You NEED To Send A Holiday Card To Your Clients Or Employees

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This small gesture really goes beyond just a simple card. It'll make the receiver feel great about your relationship, themselves and they'll carry that feeling with them into the new year. 


3. Holiday cards will be physically held onto and cherished

One of the greatest advantages of sending a handwritten card to your clients or employees is that they will then have a physical card that they can hold onto. 

While an email is quick and fleeting, having a handwritten note will be something that your client or employee will want to keep.

4 Reasons You NEED To Send A Holiday Card To Your Clients Or Employees

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Many times, these types of notes are held onto, appreciated, and added to larger collections of holiday cards. You also don't want to be the only one who doesn't send that handwritten note! 

Make sure you aren't missing out on the opportunity to send something that will have a greater impact beyond the original date of delivery. 


4. Holiday cards make the receiver feel great

Try to imagine the last time that you opened your mailbox, pulled out a larger stack of mail, and found a note that seemed personalized and/or handwritten. While it's easy to throw away the rest of the junk and generic mail, there's no denying you get a little excited to see something like this come your way.

It's becoming much more rare to send these types of cards. Make the receiver feel great receiving something in the mail that isn't just an advertisement, magazine or another generic card. 


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