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Going Digital: How to Setup an Online Uniform Store

Posted by Triple Stitch on August 9, 2017

Going Digital: How to Setup an Online Uniform Store


Running a business where your employees are required to wear uniforms sometimes leads to unnecessary hassle and frustration. You're constantly having to think about keeping your uniforms well stocked and manage employee orders. And of course, having all the right sizes! 

But while the world is going completely digital, why not consider making your uniform management program digital as well? 

With an online uniform store, you no longer have to stock uniforms, manage or maintain inventory. Sound a whole lot easier to you? Your uniform ordering process will become more streamlined and completely user managed. It's a win-win scenario. 

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The Benefits Of An Online Uniform Program

Switching from a traditional uniform program to an online program has its fair share of benefits. Here are some of the highlights that we always like to point out to our customers: 

  • No stocking of uniforms.
  • No managing or maintaining inventory.
  • Control the uniforms offering to ensure a consistent look and feel of your employees and your brand.
  • Easy order access.
  • User management.
  • Credits programs for cost sharing uniform programs.
  • Custom messages, notifications, product selections, etc.

How To Set Up An Online Uniform Store

At Triple Stitch, we've developed an online uniform system that is quick, simple, easy and direct. That means no more headaches around managing your own uniform program. 

We believe in simple online ordering to reduce any blockage or frustration. We can help you cut out the unnecessary parts of the uniform ordering process to make it more efficient. 

Here are the steps you would take to set up an online uniform store: 

1) Set up the online store by answering a few questions. The stores are set up with custom branding with only the products you want. 

2) Add your users with the budgeted amount of credits.

3) Employees sign in with their own user ID, choose their uniform for their job classification, and place the order.

4) An admin is notified of the order, and the uniform is shipped directly to the employee's location.

Interested in setting up an online uniform store for your business?

Triple Stitch has helped hundreds of businesses set up online stores to manage their uniform inventory. Contact us today to learn more!  

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