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8 Unique Trade Show Giveaways That'll Leave An Impact

Posted by Triple Stitch on December 19, 2017

8 Unique Trade Show Giveaways That'll Leave An Impact


When you pay to have a booth at a trade show or conference, the last thing you want to be is un-memorable. You want the attendees that you talk to and the new prospects you encounter to remember you and your brand long after the show ends. 

One of the best ways to make an impact is by having some of the best and most memorable "swag" you can find. But how do you find good trade show giveaways that'll be unique and stand out from the crowd? 

Here are some of our top ideas for some incredibly memorable giveaways: 


1) Custom portable phone charger


Custom portable phone charger


Featured: Custom UL Listed Portable Charger ($5.55/unit)


Let's face it - we're all constantly charging our phones these days. With the amount of tasks that we can now accomplish on a smart phone, phone battery seems to be the thing that suffers the most. 

Gift attendees with extended power to charge their devices on-the-go with a custom portable phone charger. It's an item most people don't think to buy themselves and one that they'll end up using almost every single day. 


2) Personalized leather luggage tags



Personalized leather luggage tags


Featured: Leeman™ Whitney™ Rectangular Bonded Leather Luggage Tag ($5.49/unit)


When's the last time you updated your luggage tags? Nice luggage tags are another one of those items that you often don't buy yourself, but when you find a good quality luggage tag, you realize how much you really need one. 

Gift attendees with a luxurious leather luggage tag branded with your name and/or logo that'll end up traveling the world with them. 


3) Custom microfiber cleaning cloth


Custom microfiber cleaning cloth

Featured: Microfiber Cleaning Cloth In Case ($0.59/unit)


A microfiber cleaning cloth with a carrying case is the perfect small takeaway for anyone to throw in their glove compartment, in their desk drawer or purse. It's one of those items a person will find themselves constantly reaching for all throughout the year - from cleaning phones, computer screens, eyeglasses and sunglasses. For a surprisingly versatile little item, you don't see a lot of them at trade shows. 


4) Personalized phone sanitizer spray


Personalized phone sanitizer spray

Featured: Phone Sanitizer - spray phone sanitizer (Starting at $2.75/unit)


We're always touching our phones, transferring bacteria to our devices. Eek!

Help attendees keep things clean with a personalized phone sanitizer spray giveaway. It's small, easy to carry, and will become a go-to item for them when they feel their devices getting dirty. Perfect for flu season or anyone with small children. 


5) Custom fidget spinner

Custom fidget spinner


Featured: Spin-It Widget™ ($1.98/unit)


I'm sure you've seen the latest fidget spinner craze. It's caught on like wild fire. These little devices are perfect for anyone dealing with boredom, anxiety, stress or that needs something in their hands to fidget with. Give a unique giveaway that you won't see at other booths at the conference with these fun, custom branded fidget spinners.


6) Custom rubber lip balm

Custom rubber lip balm

Featured: Rubber Lip Balm (Starting at $1.41/unit)


Skip the boring custom branded chap stick. We've seen it before, and it's usually not an item people hold onto for very long. Be unique and give out something different, like these rubber lip balms available in fun colors. We've seen it become a customer favorite, and it'll really make you stand out. 


7) Personalized smartphone wallet & stand

Personalized smartphone wallet & stand

Featured: Bifold - Smartphone Wallet & Stand - Simulated Leather (Starting at $4.21/unit)


The best way to be remembered after a trade show? Give them something that they'll use every single day, like this unique smartphone wallet and stand. It attaches directly to the back of a phone or case, holds all necessary cards and cash, and even unfolds into a vertical stand to watch movies or browse through emails. 

It'll be something new and exciting for attendees to latch directly onto their phones. 


8) An out-of-the-box pen


An out-of-the-box pen

Featured: Light Up Your Logo Pen/Stylus with Matte Finish (Starting at $1.59/unit)


Don't just give out your standard boring pen...snooze. Keep things interesting and make your giveaway memorable by offering an out-of-the-box pen that'll get people talking. 

One of our favorites is this new pen that has a light up barrel (illuminating your logo) and a stylus on the other end. It won't just be another standard pen that gets thrown in the pen drawer, it'll be a conversation starter. 


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